Name: Alan Minkus

Name: Alan Minkus

Hometown: Middletown

Color: Wood tone

Year and model: 35-year-old creeper

Mileage: 2 or 3 miles

Special features: Steel wheels and made in the USA

Under the hood: Foot-powered or coast down hill

Favorite place to cruise: To the Neversink River to get rocks to make my Neversink River Rock Frogs and to watch the water and trout

Favorite cruise music: Rolling Stones, Metallica, Tim Janis

Dream car: My old brown '58 Chevy (38 years ago)

Other: This creeper was used under a 1967 Cuda (K-stock drag car) at Island Dragway and Pocono Downs (1969 Fall Elimination in which I won the class). It was also used under '79, '84, '86, '67 Jeeps, a '57 and a '58 Chevy. It went from under haulin' cars to moving rocks. Today I use the creeper to cart my stone frogs outside to dry after spraying. All frogs (close to 2,000) have been given for free to the Neversink Area Museum, to Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall camps, to the Petty family's Victory Junction Gang Camp, and also to good and fun people.