Re: Shawn Dell Joyce's article April 29, 2007:

Re: Shawn Dell Joyce's article April 29, 2007:

Litter all over our once beautiful Hudson Valley — see Route 211, Route 17; where is there a clean roadway?

It is true, yet hard to believe that people find it so easy to toss a piece of trash out of their cars, when it is pretty simple to take it home and use your own trash can. It means that the beautiful area we live in is marred by unsightly garbage everywhere we go, and that municipalities and ultimately taxpayers will have to foot the bill for cleaning up the mess.

While we certainly need strong littering laws and enforcement, our state legislators can take immediate action to decrease the magnitude of this litter problem.

The bigger, better bottle bill should be supported by every legislator in the state as the simplest, least expensive method of getting bottles returned and recycled, while reducing litter on our roadways and in our parks. While the Assembly will likely pass this bill, it has been blocked in the state Senate for too long. State Sen. Joe Bruno is the culprit in chief, taking money from the bottling industry, while ensuring the defeat of this legislation. It is time to show Bruno the results of his handiwork — how about the Record inviting him on a litter tour of the Hudson Valley?

William Chinitz

Impeach Bush & Co.

Because they have not only violated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but also are attempting to supplant them, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales must be impeached. Our Constitution mandates that when elected officials attempt to amass unconstitutional powers, it is the duty of our House of Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings.

For the past six years, Bush and company have demonstrated their disregard for the Constitution. They seek one-party rule and will use whatever means available to achieve it. They deceived us into war upon a nation that never threatened us, promoted torture, destroyed habeas corpus, and illegally spied upon us. They have betrayed our laws, our heritage, and any moral standing we may once have had in the world. These men are not just traitors, they are criminals who must be removed as soon as possible in order to save this republic and the world from further ravages.

If Congress is slow to take right action, it falls upon us to galvanize them. Our representatives took an oath to defend the Constitution. It's time we called them on it.

Rich Flanders

Thompson Ridge

The Republican Party needs help! Perhaps its members have given up on New York, and now want to punish New Yorkers. What I am referring to is NYRI.

The Times Herald-Record has given good coverage on this issue, although the Record seems to believe in the premise that NYC needs more energy, when, in reality, as of right now, and into the foreseeable future, there is no need for more power for New York City. What New York City does need, however, is better management and infrastructure repair. The blackouts that have occurred in New York City, with the exception of the major grid outages, were not a result of a lack of power. They were a result of the failure of the New York City system.

Putting more power into New York City will only fry the system faster. The damage that this line will do is immeasurable, not only to people but to the environment and beauty of the area.

There is a State's Rights clause in the U.S. Constitution that clearly indicates that those rights not specifically given to the federal government shall be given to the states. This Republican law will enable a Canadian company to effectively rape New York, with powers that are supposed to be in the state's hands but have been taken over by the federal government.

I know that the Democrats are trying to do some things, but even one of the leading Republican presidential candidates, Rudolph Giuliani, is a member of a firm that is lobbying for this line to go through.

Why have the Republicans given up on the idea of less government?

Dr. R. Noel Arnold