White Lake - Everyone at the Cornelius Duggan Elementary School is sending birthday cards to a boy who lives 1,000 miles away, and they want you to send one, too.
Shane Bernier, of Lancaster, Ontario, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His treatment has not been effective. With a birthday coming up on May 30, there are plenty of things Shane could wish for, but all he wants is birthday cards. The most anyone has ever gotten. Ever. His goal is 350 million cards.
The Record learned about Shane from Jimmy Terpstra, a fifth-grader at the Duggan school, who wrote, “If you could put this in the paper, with Shane’s address and story, you would be helping us to make his wish come true. Thank you.”
Mail cards to Shane Bernier, P. O. Box 484, Lancaster, Ontario, K0C 1N0, Canada. For information and other ways to help, see www.shaneswish.com.