Kudos to the Middletown chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Yes, you read that right.
The city finally has an NAACP chapter after two unsuccessful attempts to establish and sustain one in the past five years.
And its members, more than 50 and growing, elected interim officers earlier this month. City Alderman James Rollins is president, Wyletta Barbee is vice president, Claudette Fisher is secretary, and Diana Oliver is treasurer.
Congratulations to the officers and, more importantly, to the Middletown community for reviving this vital organization.
Want to join? The next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. June 26 at the First Presbyterian Church, 25 Orchard St., Middletown.


Cheers, Mr. Gray
Cameron Gray drove up to Albany on May 18 for a piece of paper ... an important one.
The owner of Tapenade restaurant on West Main Street in Middletown waited seven long months for that document – a liquor license.
After more than seven months, Gray’s restaurant can now serve beer, wine and the hard stuff. Oh, and he paid a $2,000 fine that wasn’t even his.
That’s because the previous tenant, Caribe Garden, racked up nine serious liquor law violations and became infamous for rowdy behavior, including a triple shooting.
Owner Silfredo DeJesus swore his liquor license was in good standing, according to Gray.
And since DeJesus was fighting the violations, it prevented Gray from getting a liquor license for Tapenade.
The violations came with a $10,000 fine. Gray says DeJesus paid $8,000 of the fine. Gray paid the remainder because he just wanted to move on.
“If he didn’t pay for it, I would have had to keep going,” Gray says.
Instead, the very first liquor delivery arrived at Tapenade Wednesday. The first drink poured? A bourbon on the rocks ... for a customer

The 11th Commandment?
If you try to park next to the west side of the Otisville-Mount Hope Presbyterian Church, there’s an implication that you’ll be facing a lot more than the wrath of the tow-truck operator.
A sign on that side of the church reads, “Thou Shalt Not Park Here.”