"He sounded like a really good used car salesman."

"He sounded like a really good used car salesman."

vMiddletown Alderwoman Maxine Meyer responding to a presentation on the controversial Pencor-Masada Oxynol waste-to-ethanol plant given by the company's manager, Donald Watkins

"People are killed driving to work, commuting to work every day. I'd rather die doing something I believe in, taking care of my soldiers, than die driving to a job that I hate."

vWest Point grad Joe LeBoeuf, asked if he is prepared to risk his life in Iraq

"I bought this with the intention of moving the soup kitchen. It's a terrible eyesore. It's a crime risk."

vBobby Lerz, complaining about the clientele who dine at the soup kitchen next to his Middletown bar

"This world is full of weak and incompetent leaders. The question is, what will we do?"

vSpeaker Steven D. Gomez at yesterday's Sullivan County Community College graduation

"I think what they've decided finally to do is to play good cop, bad cop instead of bad cop, bad cop as they've been doing for six years."

vGOP consultant Rich Galen on Vice President Dick Cheney's role as foreign-policy heavy while President Bush combines war rhetoric with overtures to Democrats who control Congress