Where were the Chester voters??

Where were the Chester voters??

On May 15, the Chester School Board elections and budget vote were held.

Only 652 people showed up to vote and seven absentee ballots were sent in when there are more than 3,000 eligible voters. School taxes are what most people complain about, since these are the largest of your tax bills. This is the only budget you have a say in, yet only this small minority of people came out to voice their opinions on the budget and vote on the board members who will represent them. Of the 659 voters, 30 of them did not cast a vote on the budget and the budget passed by just ONE vote (315-314). With 659 people voting for two seats on the board, there should have been 1,318 votes cast.

Adding up the votes for all the candidates, the total was 1,175, leaving 143 votes not cast for any candidate. The total votes for the candidates were 339-319-289-128, a difference of only 50 votes separated the first-place and third-place candidates. Can we really say "our community has spoken"? The 30 budget votes and 143 candidate votes not cast by people already in the booth could have changed the whole election, never mind the 2,400 voters who never even showed up.

Remember in all future votes in the village, town and school, EACH VOTE DOES COUNT!!!

Mary Luciana


A citizen's imperative — why we must act to impeach Bush and Cheney:

We are Americans, not sheep blindly following bad leaders. Our integrity and decency demand that we steer our country back to right principles and right actions. To be proud of our country again we must rise and say "NO" to abusive power, to the lies that led to the war in Iraq, to secret and illegal spying, to torture, to the violation of U.S. and international laws.

Leaders who choose to ignore the rule of law and our Constitution should be expelled. We can begin by impeaching George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Tula Tsalis


With the president's veto of the money to support the troops in Iraq, he has shown that he will not listen to Congress when it comes to ending the war. He has done more than anyone in history to destroy our democracy and the underlying structure of the three separate but equal branches of government. He has lied to us and to Congress. He has broken laws and treaties. He has promoted torture as an information-gathering technique. He has filled the coffers of his supporters, the war profiteers, at the cost of America and her brave sons and daughters who are being used as game pieces in Iraq. He holds himself above the law — and in our country, that will not fly.

Sherry Svec


Please! Do not give in on Iraq! Why are you even considering that Bush can call the shots, saying "No, I won't accept this, I won't accept that"? WE don't accept his endless war, his shameless lies, or his manipulation of the truth. Do NOT sign a funding agreement that has no timeline or consequences for the Iraqi leaders, who seemingly have no motivation to find a political solution. Do NOT sign a funding agreement that gives Bush free reign to continue his murderous policies. Our young men and women are dying every day! Innocent Iraqis, whose lives we have brought into chaos, are dying! Our presence in Iraq is not helping anything! BRING THEM HOME! And if the only way to do that is to not sign a funding agreement, then don't sign it!

Kathie Aberman