Metro-North commuters who transfer at Secaucus Junction will pay more for their tickets to Pennsylvania Station as of June 1.

Metro-North commuters who transfer at Secaucus Junction will pay more for their tickets to Pennsylvania Station as of June 1.

Port Jervis line customers will pay $5 more for the Secaucus-Penn Station portion — the NJ Transit portion — of their ticket and Pascack Valley line customers, $2 more.

Commuters who transfer at Secaucus to other NJ Transit trains bound for other destinations will also see modest increases.

A monthly ticket for a commuter who travels from Campbell Hall, for example, to Penn Station will rise to $284 from $279. A monthly ticket from the same station to Hoboken will remain $228. About 850 of the 2,000 commuters who use the Port Jervis line transfer at Secaucus.

The changes are part of NJ Transit's new fare schedule and are the only ones Metro-North commuters will see in the price of their tickets.

NJ Transit operates Metro-North's train service in Orange and Rockland counties but Metro-North sets the fares to Secaucus and to Hoboken.

Metro-North's parent agency, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, was expected to raise fares this year and didn't. Its intent for next year will be revealed when its tentative 2008 budget is released in July.

Last week, Metro-North detailed the changes in its Mileposts West, a bimonthly publication that is distributed aboard trains. In addition to flagging customers about the fare increase, the railroad announced that it will alter its definition of the morning rush to coincide with NJ Transit's and reduce confusion.

The morning peak will now start at 7 a.m. and run through 9:30 a.m., the times reflecting when trains arrive at Hoboken. Previously, Metro-North's peak started at 6 a.m. and NJ Transit's at 6:30.

In changing the definition, NJ Transit sought to soften the blow of an average 10 percent increase by giving occasional users the choice of more trains at lower off-peak fares.

Metro-North will now have two off-peak trains in the morning rather than one on both of its lines.

Marjorie Anders, a Metro-North spokeswoman, said monthly and weekly tickets are so heavily discounted already — upwards of 35 percent — that commuters would find no financial benefit in switching to off-peak round trip tickets. Neither Metro-North or NJ Transit sell monthly or weekly off-peak tickets.

For example, as of June 1, a monthly between Harriman and Penn Station will cost $267 and an off-peak round trip, $16.75 — making the price of a month's worth of round trip tickets $335.

Metro-North has also streamlined its reciprocity policy for using monthly and weekly tickets for the Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines on the Hudson line. It eliminated some exceptions to the general rule that the tickets are honored from stations with the same or lower fare.