Scranton, Pa. — Chase Wright could have crumbled after his nightmare outing against the Red Sox last month at Fenway Park.

Scranton, Pa. — Chase Wright could have crumbled after his nightmare outing against the Red Sox last month at Fenway Park.

He didn't. In fact, the kid appears to be all right.

Wright gave up four homers in an inning to Boston and was demoted back to Double-A Trenton after two starts for the Yankees.

No big deal, says Wright, 23.

He's now pitching well for Triple-A Scranton — the lefty is 2-1 with a 3.27 ERA in 33 innings and hopes to return to the majors, even Fenway, soon.

Wright took some time to speak with the Times Herald-Record before Scranton's game last night.

You certainly haven't let the Fenway start linger. How do you feel?

CW: You know, confidence-wise, I feel great. It's just a matter of me taking good stuff out to the mound every time I pitch. I feel my last few starts have been great. My last one I commanded my breaking ball and change-up down in the zone. So it's been good.

What was going through your mind during those four homers?

CW: I felt good, stuff-wise and just overall, better than I did in my first start at Yankee Stadium (a win against the Indians). It's just one of those things that happened. I just went after the guys. Unfortunately, they made me pay. It's one of those things that you tip your hat and move on.

Learn anything from that start?

CW: Things don't always go right. I think that made me stronger mentally. I plan on playing for a long time. I don't think that set me back any. I think it can only make me stronger.

Want another shot at Fenway?

CW: Obviously, I want to be in the majors. I want to pitch there and stay there. I definitely wouldn't shy away from pitching there one bit if that opportunity came. I would be there.

What was the best part of being a Yankee?

CW: When I first got into the clubhouse and saw the team. It was just amazing, all the history and all the greats who have been there. It was just amazing.

How excited are you about having Roger Clemens pitch for you today?

CW: I'll be in the dugout watching intently, so I'm excited. I saw him at the spring training facility in (Tampa) in 2001, but didn't get to meet him. It's going to be cool.

You're from Texas, so Clemens was one of your favorite pitchers growing up, right?

CW: Him, Nolan Ryan. Those two are the top two, definitely. I just always liked the way they pitched, how they went about their business.

One last thing. Do you plan on joining Clemens up with the big club at some point this season?

CW: I hope so. You know, I'm going to keep grinding and working here. Hopefully, things will work out and I get another opportunity.

— Justin Rodriguez