AnnMarie Boffalo, Laura Farley and Tricia Kent had two goals each for the Gary Goldberg Financial Services (GGFS) team. Sarah MacDonald did a great job in goal.

Wright Brothers Landscaping's goals were scored by Jen Davis and Maureen Ferrarra.

Washingtonville Soccer Shop scored late in the game for the victory. Weir's Ice Cream's goal was scored by Erin Scherf.

Callahan & Nannini Quarry Products' goals were scored by Jen Davis, Jen Caudy, and Gina Dudgeon. Jen Davis, from the Wright Brothers Landscaping team, subbed in and did a solid job in goal.

Schlesinger's Restaurant scored two first-half goals in the victory.

Precision Roofing forwards Gina Migliore, Christy Nevel, and Cathy Morino played a solid game. The Precision Roofing's defense consisted of Dawn Vantilburg, Maureen Santiago, Lisa Brodsky and Jennifer Callan. Stacey Jansen was solid in goal.

Callahan & Nannini Quarry Products' goals were scored by Noreen Nannini, Jen Caudy and Leah Canton. Jen Thompson had a solid game in goal.