July 16 meeting

July 16 meeting

The Deerpark Town Board met. All elected officials were present except Councilman Robert Cunningham.

During his opening remarks, Supervisor Mark House said work had begun in renovating the interior of the former C and D plant on Route 209. House said that Deerpark officials were keeping abreast of the cleanup of the toxic site, and he praised the cooperative attitude of the property's new owner, Star Realty Associates. House went on to say Star Realty Associates had experience in returning formerly toxic sites to usefulness, and that he is hopeful the plant will be a source of jobs and revenue in the future.

In response to a question from the public, House said test wells between C and D's waste lagoons and the Neversink River were being monitored to ensure that toxic materials are not leaching into the river.

The empty factory once manufactured lead/acid batteries.

House told the board the town's judges had put together a proposal for applying for a justice court grant under a state program. The Town Board voted to authorize the grant application.

In other town court news, the board authorized Justice Laurie Osowick to interview candidates and choose a person to fill a vacant court clerk position as quickly as possible. The board set the clerk's pay rate at not more than $11 per hour.

The board voted to accept a bid of $69,500 for a vacuum street-sweeper truck. The town will purchase two more large chassis trucks through the state procurement system. House said the total cost for all three vehicles will be about $289,000.

Supervisor House said he, along with Town Clerk Flo Santini, have been asking Port Jervis-Deerpark TV to broadcast Port Jervis school board meetings. House said, "It is our understanding, through our contract with Time Warner, that the local access channel is for government, education and public entertainment use."

The board authorized House to send a letter to Port Jervis-Deerpark TV urging live broadcasts of school board meetings.

Don Mohan