a real Port Jervis treasure

a real Port Jervis treasure

Port Jervis — Former Gazette editor Daniel J. Dwyer and local historian Peter Osborne have put together "Our Town: Historic Port Jervis," a 270-page Port Jervis Centennial commemorative book.

The book will be sold publicly for the first time at this weekend's Heritage Days and is also available online.

The book opens with letters congratulating the city on its first 100 years from local, state and federal dignitaries — including President George W. Bush and Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

"A History of Port Jervis," written in a lively, easy-to-read style by Dwyer — an active senior citizen who's been a lifelong student of local history — takes up the first third of the book. The history is well-illustrated with photos, drawings and other artwork.

Next is a 10-page "Port Jervis Trivia" section by Osborne, full of facts and curiosities of the city's history. That is followed by about 60 pages of brief histories of local organizations, churches and businesses and a lively 120 or so pages of ads. Ad sales helped keep the price of the book's first edition to a modest $10.

From the book:

"We have compiled a history of the city, recounted the long effort to charter Port Jervis in 1907, and remembered our city's mayors. . . . The Centennial Committee offers its thanks to our financial supports and benefactors, whose generosity allowed for the publication of this book of which we are so proud."

Dan Dwyer and Peter Osborne,


"This milestone is an opportunity to take pride in the rich heritage of your community. Communities like yours provide support as people raise families, build better lives and pursue their dreams. The success of Port Jervis is a testament to the contributions of your citizens and the hope and promise of our great country.

"Laura and I send our best wishes on this special occasion."

George W. Bush

"Those who have the opportunity to visit Port Jervis are certain to find it delightful. This celebration is one of immense pride for the countless people who have a special place reserved in their hearts for a city that is significant to all citizens in this state."

Gov. Eliot Spitzer

"Our Town: Historic Port Jervis 1907-2007"

by Daniel J. Dwyer & Peter Osborne

ISBN-10: 0978739930/ISBN-13: 9780978739935

Publisher: Minisink Valley Historical Society, July 28, 2007

Format: Paperback

List price: $10

The book will be available at this weekend's Heritage Days. Quantities are limited. If the book goes to a second printing, the cost will likely be higher.

You can also get the first edition through bookfinder4u.com and from Barnes & Noble, which is selling it online (www.bn.com) for $9 with a members-only price of $8.10 plus shipping.