Community Hospital

Stoehr, a boy, Colby James, born May 3 to Kelly Dunham and Ronald Stoehr of Middletown.

Sobelewski, a girl, Mikayla Ryleigh, born May 7 to Holly and Michael Sobelewski of Sparrowbush.

Meerdink, a boy, Matthew Ryan, born May 29 to Debra and John Meerdink of Sparrowbush.

Ramos, a boy, Kevin Luis Jr., born April 6 to Natacha Hernandez and Kevin Ramos of Middletown.

Znaidi, a girl, Zineb, born May 15 to Nezha Sene-Znaidi and Amine Znaidi of Middletown.

Wilke, a boy, Lukas Isaiah, born May 15 to Jessica Wilke of Otisville.

Joseph, a boy, Xavian Jasiah, born May 15 to NaJuma Ellerbee and Kobie Jospeh of Port Jervis.

Smylka, a girl, Sarah Rose, born May 16 to Kimberly and Phillip Smylka of Middletown.

Hernandez, a girl, Gladys Samantha, born May 17 to Gladys Ramos and Samuel Hernandez of Middletown.

Jashembowski, a boy, Drew Alan, born May 18 to Cori and Raymond Jashembowski of Howells.

Lukes, a girl, Gabriella Nichole, born May 18 to Kathryn and D'Wayne Lukes of Middletown.

Loyola, a boy, Oscar Jr, born May 19 to Victoria Saint Hilaire and Oscar Loyola of Middletown.

Fisch, a girl, Evelyn Mae, born May 21 to Sharon and Benjamin Fisch of Pine Bush.

Gonzalez, a girl, Melissa Jonelle, born May 22 to Catherine Flores and Juan Gonzalez of Middletown.

Purgatorio, a girl, Letitia Irene, born May 22 to Mary and Michael Purgatorio of Middletown.

Zanetti, a boy, Elon Jacob, born May 22 to Krystal and Daniel Zanetti of Pine Bush.

DeGeorge, a girl, Sadie, born May 26 to Christina and Anthony DeGeorge of Pine Bush.

McCallion, a girl, Caitlin Anna, born May 27 to Marybel Ramos and Darren McCallion of Middletown.

Peet, a boy, Ethan Scott, born May 27 to Samantha Gould and Randy Peet of Middletown.

Castelonia, a girl, Alyssa Grace, born May 27 to Kristen Castelonia of Pine Bush

Pagan, a girl, Gianna Matthew, born May 28 to Melissa Brown and Christopher Pagan of Middletown.

Larusso, a girl, Isabella Marie, born May 29 to Jessica and Michael Larusso of Bloomingburg.

Duran, a girl, Janneli Marie, born May 29 to Sol Gonzalez of Middletown.

Coles, a boy, Caloeb Christopher, born May 29 to Ryan Smith and Marcus Coles of Middletown.

Rohr, a girl, Ethel Francesca, born May 30 to Michela and Jody Rohr of Circleville.

Drago, a girl, Gianna Domenica, born May 31 to Maria Drago and Christopher King of Middletown.

Rounds, a boy, Gavin Matthew, born June 1 to Tara and Eric Rounds of Montgomery.

Pearson-Leary, a boy, Tucker David, born June 1 to Amy Whitmore and Tarrin Pearson-Leary of Walden.

Duran, a girl, Veronica Ruby, born June 1 to Jakaida Fuentes and Feliciano Duran of Middletown.

Joorabchi, a girl, Isabella Anna, born June 2 to Danielle and Joshua Joorabchi of Bloomingburg.

Storms, a boy, Nicholas Edward, born June 3 to Rosalind Natale and Michael Storms of Middletown.

Rodriguez, a boy, Julian Christian, born March 1 to Heather Miller and Julian Rodriguez of Montgomery.

Nop, a boy, Cole Richard, born March 5 to Kendra and Derreck Nop of Montgomery.

Grazier, a boy, Wyatt Thomas, born March 5 to Phuong and Thomas Grazier of Middletown.

Luposello, a girl, Kara Rose, born March 7 to Kelly and John Luposello of Westtown.

Diefenbach, a girl, Julia Ann, born March 9 to Amanda and Philipp Diefenbach of Bloomingburg.

Nichols, a boy, Ryan Storm, born March 19 to Valerie and Kris Nichols of Pine Bush.

Ruscher, a boy, Aiden Robert, born March 29 to Constance McLauchlan and Jared Ruscher of Middletown.

Havell, a boy, Grant Douglas, born March 29 to Suzanne and Douglas Havell Jr. of New Hampton.

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