Town of Wallkill — It's over.

Town of Wallkill — It's over.

Your last opportunity to win a giant pink snake, a fake monkey or a poster of a woman in part of a bathing suit has passed. The stands selling sausage and peppers, gyros and beer have closed. The goats, pigs and, well, racing pigs have headed for new feed bins.

The Orange County Fair, which ended yesterday, is over for another year.

After 12 straight days of Ferris wheels and 4-H, it might be hard to believe, but it's true. The carnival barkers heralded the end times yesterday afternoon.

This from the guy watching over the squirt gun stations: "It's the last-day giveaway. Last day to win a teddy." Sad, but true.

The signs were all around, if you were looking, but none were as final as that found underneath the beer tent where someone would eventually announce last call.

Sparrowbush's Will Hoppey sat on the stage, guitar in hand, for his final performance of the fair. He worked the 1 to 5 p.m. slot every day. He sampled corn dogs, gyros and sausages. He hung out with the carnies. But mostly, he sang songs one after another.

Yesterday, he searched for a song he had yet to perform. He'd done so many. He settled on "American Pie" by Don McLean, and a small crowd finished plates of cheese fries as he sang: "They caught the last train for the coast/the day the music died."

He cleared the stage. A polka band was up next.