Orange Regional Medical Center, Horton campus

Orange Regional Medical Center, Horton campus

Greene — a girl, Natalie Raquel, born May 2 to Helen J. and Matthew O. Greene of Montgomery.

Mangione — a boy, Mason James, born May 2 to Amy J. Gessner and James J. Mangione of Middletown.

Colt — a boy, Justin Christopher, born May 2 to Sarah and Chris Colt of Middletown.

Furman — a girl, Anna Jane, born May 3 to Julie A. and Van J. Furman of Grahamsville.

Teutul — twin girls, Emma Grace and Ava Marie, born May 3 to Tara M. and Daniel J. Teutul of Montgomery.

Ramirez — a boy, Erick, born May 4 to Jessica Cole and Erick Ramirez of Middletown.

Hujus — a boy, Logan James, born May 5 to Amy R. and James Richard Hujus Jr. of Westtown.

Catalano-Hendershot — a boy, Julian Thomas, born May 5 to Joan M. Catalano and Brad A. Hendershot of Middletown.

Nye — a boy, George Mitchell, born May 6 to Marilynn and George M. Nye II of Pine Bush.

Laurel — a boy, Duran Preston, born May 6 to Aymar Diaz and Dion N. Laurel of Ellenville.

Terpston — a boy, Luke Jason, born May 6 to Jessica R. and Jason H. Terpston of Port Jervis.

Caro — a boy, Aedan Christopher, born May 6 to April B. and Michael A. Caro of Woodridge.

Melendez — a boy, Connor Shea, born May 7 to Vivan A. and Peter Melendez of New Windsor.

Potter — a boy, Luke Anthony, born May 7 to Jenna M. and Joshua M. Potter of Eldred.

Sanchez — a girl, Adorah Felise, born May 8 to Marcia E. Farmer and Felix Sanchez of Walden.

Roberts — a boy, Jayden Patrick, born May 8 to JoAnne R. Fitzgerald and Jamal L. Roberts of Middletown.

Williams — a girl, Quianna Victoria, born May 8 to Joselina Brucelis of Nyack and Quiane R. Williams of the Bronx.

Wilkinson — a boy, Colin Michael, born May 8 to Natasha M. Wilkinson and Timothy Parlapiano of Monticello.

Shormis — a boy, Aiden Thomas, born May 8 to Cheyanne C. Walsh and Thomas J. Shormis of Port Jervis.

Sorino — a boy, Vincenzo Neil, born May 9 to Nicole B. Johnson and Vincent N. of Port Jervis.

Joachim — a boy, Elvin Ryan, born May 9 to Esther F. and Brillant Joachim of Monroe.

Hamilton — a boy, Byron Wayne Jr., born May 9 to Dionne L. and Byron W. Hamilton of Middletown.

Rosefort — a girl, Ann-Sapphire, born May 10 to Sandra Rabrun of Middletown and Claudinay Rosefort of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Vanderhoof — a boy, Bryce Caiden, born May 10 to Pamela A. Henion and Sean M. Vanderhoof of Middletown.

Soto — a girl, Aleeyah Mianni, born May 11 to Sherrie L. Cruz and Anthony C. Soto of Middletown.

Romero — a girl, Gabriella Angela, born May 11 to Caitlin S. Onody and Angel L. Romero of Warwick.

Rossa — a girl, Jovi Grace, born May 11 to Monika A. and Michael J. Roosa of Wurtsboro.

Boyea — a boy, Ethan James, born May 12 to Marilyn J. Stanton and David Paul Boyea of Middletown.

Treviņo — a girl, Adamaries Lizzett, born May 12 to Jessica D. Rodriguez and Juancarlos Treviņo of Middletown.

Wright — a boy, Camren Semaj, born May 12 to Nicole M. Gumbs and Christopher J. Wright of Middletown.

Fernandez — a girl, Kaylanie, born May 12 to Stephanie Acosta and Spencer Fernandez of Middletown.

Vargas — a girl, Adrianna Guadalupe, born May 12 to Blanca F. Torres and Agustin Vargas of Middletown.

Mitchell — a boy, Kuron Ramel, born May 12 to Shanicqua E. Mitchell of Middletown.

Tulp — a boy, Christopher Adam Jr., born May 13 to Kimberly C. and Christopher A. Tulp of Middletown.

Weston — a girl, Riley Aven, born May 14 to Michelle and Christopher Weston of Newburgh.

Newman — a girl, Freyja Pearl, born May 14 to Dana J. and John R. Newman of Wurtsboro.

Van Hassel — a boy, Jayden Thomas, born May 15 to Shannan D. Gaughan and Vincent E. Van Hassel of Pine Bush.

Murray — a boy, Jesse James, born May 15 to Jennifer H. Connolly of Middletown and Michael Murray of Goshen.

Wright — a boy, Henry Owen, born May 15 to Margaret T. and Justin D. Wright of Warwick.

Almanzar — a girl, Tia Imari, born May 16 to Tashika and Moises Almanzar of Middletown.

Grey — a girl, Justyina Justean, born May 18 to Kesha J. and Balrin R. Grey of Middletown.

Rennock — a boy, Bryce Carter, born May 18 to Lakasha J. Rennock of Highland Mills.

Boothe — a girl, Esme Harper, born May 18 to Candace T. Wiggins and Brian J. Boothe of Washingtonville.

Haight — a girl, Haley Belle, born May 18 to Melissa A. and Stephan M. Haight of Montgomery.

White — a boy, David Lee Jr., born May 18 to Catherine M. and David L. White of Port Jervis.

Sheets — a girl, Madison Ann, born May 19 to Rachel A. and Andrew L. Sheets of Middletown.

Mitchell — a boy, Michael Connor, born May 19 to Nicole M. Rojas and Christopher M. Mitchell of New Windsor.

Balu — a girl, Mia Isabella, born May 20 to Cortney and Anthony J. Balu of New Windsor.

Fahnbach — a girl, Savannah Skye, born May 21 to Sarah K. and Christopher D. Fahnbach of Cornwall.

Reyes — a boy, Axel, born May 22 to Awilda and Wilfredo Reyes of Middletown.

Belcher — a boy, Ryan Leo, born May 22 to Eileen V. Cudmore and Jay A. Becher of Washingtonville.

Gracia — a boy, Noah Alexander, born May 22 to Karen E. Jacolos and Ramon M. Gracia of Bloomingburg.

Murphy — a boy, Jack Thomas, born May 22 to Kinberlee J. and Thomas R. Murphy of Middletown.

Grant — a boy, Vincent Dupree Jr., born May 23 to Asia M. Edwards and Vincent D. Grant Sr. of Middletown.

Youmas — a boy, Kendall Victoria, born May 23 to Barbara D. Olsen and Robert M. Youmas of Middletown.

Diana — a girl, MacKencie Paige, born May May 29 to Lisa S. Maurizzio and Matthew D. Diana of Middletown.

King — a boy, Aaron Scott Jr., born May 31 to Heather A. Lavine and Aaron S. King of Middletown.

St. Anthony Community Hospital

Andrade — a girl, Emily Yulesky, born June 1 to Henri G. Sanmartin and Manuel A. Andrade of Greenwood Lake.

Roberson — a girl, Sarah Anne, born June 2 to Kerry and Mark Roberson of Bloomingburg.

Boiardi — a girl, Morgan Sage, born June 2 to Brittany and Ryan Boiardi of Cornwall.

Carpino — a girl, Abigail Elizabeth, born June 3 to Michele and Angelo Carpino of Greenville.

Natoli — a girl, Adriana R. Margarite, born June 3 to Keri Ann and Albert Natoli of Sugar Loaf.

Burns — a girl, Keira Elizabeth, born June 4 to Christine O'Connor and Christopher Burns of New Hampton.

St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

Jones — a boy, Giovanni Dontae, born March 7 to Jamie Fazio and Eugene Jones of Wallkill.

Praino — a boy, Matthew Alexander, born March 12 to Jaclyn Reyes and Lawrence P. Praino of Newburgh.

Fitzpatrick — a boy, Nicholas James, born March 16 to Tia L. and James C. Fitzpatrick of Gardiner.

Greene — a girl, Katelyn Maeve, born March 17 to Kara Boyle and Sean Greene of Newburgh.

Uszenski — a boy, Matthew Michael, born March 18 to Karen and Scott Uszenski of Walden.

Vassar Brothers

Burger — triplets, Addison Riley, Mason William and Alexander James, born April 22 to Nichole and Devin Burger of Ellenville.