MIDDLETOWN — The National Weather Service says that right now, the forecast for midweek shows temperatures in Orange County approaching the upper 80s to 90. It could be our best chance to break the 90-degree mark this summer, barring an August heat wave.
If temperatures don't break 90 degrees in the next few days, it would be only the second time since record-keeping began that NYC's Central Park temperatures didn't break that mark during June and July, according to the Service.
Locally, Poughkeepsie broke 90 degrees twice, at 91 degrees on April 28 and 90 degrees on April 26. Monticello hit a high of 89 degrees on April 27, the same day Goshen reached its high of 89.5 degrees.
The local forecast for high temperatures is as follows:
Middletown: Tuesday, high of 88 degrees, and Wednesday, high of 87, with a chance of thunderstorms both days.
Kingston: Tuesday, 87 degrees, Wednesday, 88, with a chance of storms both days.
Monticello: sunny Tuesday, with a high of 83; Wednesday, 83, with a chance of storms.