CITY OF NEWBURGH — A man leaned out the upstairs window of his apartment Wednesday night and fired large-caliber bullets over a crowded neighborhood, police said.

Newburgh police Chief Eric Paolilli said 35-year-old Ernie Prospere had argued with his girlfriend and decided to shoot his gun. He apparently didn't hit anyone.

Neighbors heard five or six shots just before 10 p.m. The blasts came from the third-floor window of Prospere's apartment at 300 Liberty Street, police said.

Officers swarmed the neighborhood. They arrested Prospere a couple houses down, and detectives began the long process of getting a search warrant. They worked into the early morning, eventually finding small amounts of PCP in his freezer, inside couch cushions and in a cigarette left in the kitchen, according to a complaint filed in City Court by Detective Roberta Goodman.

What they didn't find was a gun. Police scoured the neighborhood and even had the city fire department raise an officer onto the roof to check there. They know they're looking for a .40-caliber because they found the casings on the ground below the window, Paolilli said.

Prospere was arraigned Thursday in City Court. He faces felony charges of reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon, along with misdemeanor drug charges. He went to Orange County Jail without bail.