Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang said he won't promote a show for the 40-year anniversary of the 1969 festival in Bethel.

Michael Lang has confirmed his planned Woodstock 40-year anniversary concert at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in September will not happen.

The executive producer of the original Woodstock Festival, Lang was going to link the event to “Climate Week,” which takes place Sept. 20-26.

“It just didn’t come together” Lang told the Times Herald-Record Friday. “The possibilities are not strong enough for it to look like it has a shot.”

But there’s always the 50-year anniversary, right?

“It’s more around the issue than the date for me,” Lang said. “The most interesting thing about doing it in September was that it was tied to ‘Climate Week.’ Should another issue emerge and it makes sense for us to do it then we’ll do it.”

Another reason the concert didn’t take off was lack of funds.

“It would have been free and the sponsors had to be green,” Lang said. “Those elements just didn’t go together in this economic climate.”

When rumors of the concert first circulated months ago, Lang spoke with the Record about plans.

“It’s very speculative right now,” Lang said in March. “We’re trying to see what’s feasible.”

He also admitted it might not happen, mostly due to the $8-$10 million he would need in funding.

“It’s a very tough year for this kind of stuff.”

In June, he seemed optimistic and gave the Record a quick update about his plans.

“We’re still trying. Nothing’s dramatically changed. We’re working everyday trying to put the pieces together to make it happen,” Lang said. “People are coming to it and looking at and trying to figure out how to put the money that we need together and it’s kind of a group effort at this point. We’re linking it with the ‘Climate Week’ activities that are happening in September and there are lots of people that are concerned about that and we’re hopeful that it will come together.”

In an interview with billboard.com, Lang mentioned The Who; Santana; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Ben Harper; the Red Hot Chili Peppers; and Dave Matthews as some of the performers he’d like to see at the concert.

He lives in the Town of Woodstock.