Eastern Orange County police agencies are investigating a series of burglaries throughout the region.

City of Newburgh police said they've seen lots of residential burglaries in the eastern side of the city. The targets have most often been multiple-family home and apartments. The burglars frequently struck during the daytime. The crimes have been hard to stop, police said, because they've found few patterns: Burglars chose different ways and places to get in homes, and they've stolen different types of property.

Recently, neighboring towns of New Windsor and Newburgh have dealt with their own increased numbers of burglaries. Residents have left for vacation and returned to find their stuff has been stolen. In other cases in the towns, burglars followed the timing of those in the city – daytime seems to be a favorite.
Unlike the city burglars, however, those in the town seem to be more mobile, preferring neighborhoods near well-traveled roads that allow for quick escape routes.

The burglaries have continued despite multiple arrests throughout the region.
Police say criminals often target places they know. That has led some burglars — occasionally supporting drug habits — to steal from friends, relatives or former employers.

Police in the three agencies urged residents to take precautions: If you're having problems with someone who might have a key to your home, change the locks. Make sure all first-level doors and windows are secure and also think about upper-level windows that could be accessed by fire escapes, roof overhangs, porches or other avenues.

Police say residents can further protect themselves by immediately reporting suspicious activity.