Cover Band of the Year
Nuts in a Blender

2. In Living Cover
3. Good N Loaded

College-Age Band of the Year
No Dice, Chicago

2. Last Chance Standing
3. Concrete and Water

High School-Age Band of the Year
Six Stories Told

2. Within the Walls
3. The Basement Astronaut

Hip-Hop Artist of the Year
Mr. Cord

2. Jay G
3. Dylan Owen

DJ of the Year
Brian Stylez

2. DJ Ray Love
3. DJ Enyoutee

Comedian of the Year
Carl Welden

2. Paul Schembri
3. Brian Nieves

Small Music Venue of the Year
The Wherehouse (Newburgh)

2. The Dautaj (Warwick)
3. Dancing Cat Saloon (Bethel)

Pub of the Year
Olde Erie (Middletown)

2. Golden Rail Ale House (Newburgh)
3. Yesterday's (Warwick)

Big Bar of the Year
Bacchus (New Paltz)

2. Captain's Table (Monroe)
3. Stockade Tavern (Kingston)

Nightclub of the Year
Torches on the Hudson (Newburgh)

2. Blue Martini (Newburgh)
3. Front Street (Newburgh)