The 83rd Academy Awards, for the most part, lacked. It lacked style. It lacked substance. It lacked humor. It lacked half a host.

The 83rd Academy Awards, for the most part, lacked. It lacked style. It lacked substance. It lacked humor. It lacked half a host.

Hey James, over here ...

Though Franco may have acted like he was still stuck in those rocks, Anne Hathaway tried her best to glue together a broken up show Sunday night. Too many awards, and too much nonsense, contributed to a night that had many of us falling asleep on our couches.

But here are five moments that stood out most, according to arts and entertainment editor Timothy Malcolm. These were the memorable Oscar moments:

5. Luke Matheny's speech
The speech of the night came from the fro-headed Luke Matheny, whose "God of Love" won Best Live Action Short. I saw Matheny's acceptance speech for Best Student Short at the Woodstock Film Festival, and he was hilarious and honest. Same thing here. He was shocked and awestruck, but cool enough to deliver quick thank yous to his cohorts. Best yet, he showed what it takes to be a filmmaker, thanking his craft services director (mom) and score composer (girlfriend) in very heartfelt ways.

4. Anne Hathaway sings solo
Best hosting moment? When Anne got it herself. The beauty sacrificed herself in a lot of ways during Sunday's telecast, putting up a rousing performance in the opening montage and giggling her way through Franco's dead jokes. But she had her top moment singing a solo about Hugh Jackman's pomposity. She showed, very simply, she can sing.

3. PS 22's performance
It was about youth and old age at the Oscars, so leave it to the youngest tykes of all to nearly steal the show (the oldest tyke also did the same). PS 22 gave a sweet rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as the Oscar winners joined them for a sing-along. It was nice to see proud millionaires celebrate golden prizes while small children from Staten Island sang about dreams. Ah, we can all make it someday.

2. Kirk Douglas' appearance
94-year-old Issur Danielovitch, known better as Hollywood royalty Kirk Douglas, showed face for the unexpected moment of the night - this after his son and cancer survivor Michael stole a huge ovation at the Golden Globes. Kirk was on his game, making Anne Hathaway blush and making the Best Supporting Actress nominees squirm in their chairs. Watching Melissa Leo's "Oh, no you didn't!" reactions was quite funny. That leads us to No. 1 ...

1. Melissa Leo: "[EXPLETIVE]"
Hand it to a Hudson Valley resident to give us the moment of the night. Melissa Leo contributed the first F-bomb in Oscar history (you'd think there would've been more) during her rambling acceptance speech. We say Melissa was overwhelmed with the victory, and she was probably trying to gather thoughts after having to acknowledge Douglas. Either way, it's the moment everyone was talking about. Melissa: You got a knack for this kind of stuff.