KINGSTON — Police said they’ve solved a money heist that started at a concert venue, led them into two local bodies of water and eventually spread across two states.

Four people were arrested over the weekend and police said they recovered roughly $33,000.

It began Feb. 21, when the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office was told a safe containing the cash was stolen from the Northern Lights concert venue in Clifton Park. Shawn McCarthy, 22, and Nicoli Ninas, 21, both of Renssalaer, had taken the safe to Ulster County and dumped it into the Sawkill Creek when they couldn’t open it.

Police said the two men and a third, Matthew Fragner, 21, of Kingston, yanked the safe out of the creek, figured out a way to get the money and then dumped the safe into the Hudson River near Poughkeepsie.

An investigation found that McCarthy’s vehicle was at a house in Kingston where he, his girlfriend Makayla Vigliante and Ninas were drying the soaked money with hair dryers.

The three then took a cab from Kingston to New Jersey, where they were nabbed by police from that state.

The wet money was found in the cab, police said.

McCarthy, Ninas and Vigliante are facing a bevy of burglary, grand larceny and stolen property charges in both states. Fragner was charged with possession of stolen property and tampering with physical evidence, both felonies.

Adam Bosch