In a time in our country where so-called representatives are more concerned about their own interests and combating with one another, I want to let you know of two local representatives who go to bat for their constituents and their communities: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Assemblyman James Skoufis.

I am 92 years old and mostly confined to my home. Recently I had an issue with the Social Security Administration in which my current income from them was erroneously reduced. After numerous attempts to resolve the issue with SSA on my own to no avail, both of these representatives responded to me personally to offer their help. Rep. Maloney's office, through the help of his assistant Harold Leath, managed to get the issue resolved. James Skoufis offered to help if their efforts had proved unsuccessful.

Both of these representatives are true advocates for the people they represent. Unfortunately, this is all too rare in so many of our politicians. So I wanted to commend them publicly for their work on our behalf. The request for help from one single citizen was enough for them to respond appropriately and take action, particularly when governing bodies, businesses and administrations do not.

Mary R. McKeown

Highland Mills