SOUTH BLOOMING GROVE — Kevin Hudson, whose single term as Washingtonville’s mayor was marked by controversies, including tearing down Village Hall, suspending the police chief and hiring his brother and his business partner for village jobs, is making another try for political office.

On Tuesday, Hudson filed to run for mayor of the Village of South Blooming Grove. The election will be March 20. He's running against the incumbent mayor, James LoFranco.

Hudson could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts. Elections records filed Jan. 10 show Hudson relocated from a Monroe address to an address on Merriewold Lane South in South Blooming Grove.

LoFranco is a three-year Village Board member who was appointed mayor when Rob Jeroloman, who was mayor for 11 years, became Blooming Grove supervisor in January. South Blooming Grove and Washingtonville are both villages in the Town of Blooming Grove. LoFranco will be facing the voters for the first time as mayor.

Asked about how he will campaign, given his opponent's record of controversies, LoFranco said he’ll “let the past speak for itself.” “I’m not going to talk about somebody else’s downfalls. It’s all in the paper,” LoFranco said. “I don’t play that game.”

LoFranco filed as the People First Party candidate. Hudson filed as the Unity Party candidate. The mayor’s term in South Blooming Grove runs two years. The salary is $25,750.

Both LoFranco and Hudson filed with slates of trustee candidates. The election will be a battle between LoFranco’s incumbents and Hudson’s challengers. LoFranco has three incumbent trustees on his slate: James Mullany, Sue Anne Vogelsberg and John Ross. Hudson has two trustee candidates on his slate: Tim-Sum Shum and Joseph Murphy.

LoFranco said key issues include upgrading the village’s roads and water and sewer facilities, attracting commercial growth and increasing pedestrian safety. LoFranco said there has been an influx of Hasidim in the village and he's concerned about the safety of Hasidic residents walking on busy roadways. As Orthodox Jews, Hasidim are forbidden from driving from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. They must walk to Sabbath services.

“Nobody wants to get hit by a car and nobody wants to hit anybody with a car,” LoFranco said. “That’s my worry about public safety. There’s next to no crime in the village,” said LoFranco, who was an NYPD officer for 22 years.

Jeroloman said he’s not formally endorsing anyone, but he praised LoFranco’s knowledge of village government and talked about how he and “Jimmy” had worked closely together on the Village Board. They also served together in the NYPD’s Manhattan Warrant Squad.

Hudson was Washingtonville mayor from 2011-2013. He mounted an unsuccessful run for state Assembly in November 2013.