CITY OF NEWBURGH – General fund spending in the Newburgh school district would rise by nearly 3 percent next year under a draft budget document presented to the school board Tuesday night and the subject of continued discussion at next week’s meeting.

Spending on instruction, the biggest budget item, is just over 2 percent higher. Increases include $1.6 million more for regular school instruction, which includes teachers, teaching assistants and materials and supplies.

The budget for programs and services for disabled students would rise by just under $746,000 and for vocational and technical programs by nearly $190,000.

The proposal covered just spending, and not the revenue projections that will ultimately detail state aid and tax levy amounts. State aid amounts will not be finalized until the Legislature agrees on a budget.

“This is a proposal, which means that it’s still likely to change as we get new data,” Superintendent Roberto Padilla told the board.

Overall spending for the 2018-2019 school year would rise to $275,391,654 from $267,828,000.

Other increases include 5.75 percent for employee benefits and 6 percent for student services, a category whose expenses range from guidance counselors and nurses to social workers and athletics.

Spending on administration would rise to $11,861,428 from $11,460,085 and on building services by $265,000.

But the overall increase for building services included a decrease in spending on maintenance. Some board members want to see the maintenance budget increased.

“During the walk-throughs, these buildings have looked the best that they’ve ever looked,” board member Darren Stridiron said. “The works getting done, but we have more to get done.”