NEW WINDSOR — Dolson Avenue Pain Relief & Wellness Center was at the Stewart Airport during this year's Y2Kids career day event.

Y2Kids is an annual event attended by about 2,000 seventh and eighth graders and their teachers from 20 schools around Orange County. Doctor of Chiropractic Jay Spina said he has been attending this event since 2000 to make students aware of the harmful effects of drugs.

"Because of events like the Y2Kids, we have been invited to talks in schools. We were also able to give out educator’s kits, which contain videos, lesson planners, and booklets to use in the classroom. We have also sponsored an essay contest where teachers choose the winners and they get prizes for the best essay," Dr. Spina said.

More than 50,000 people died from drug overdose in 2015 - more than auto accidents, heart disease, and breast cancer. President Trump recently declared the opioid crisis a national emergency and said that one of the keys to fighting this epidemic is to reach out to younger people.

Spina said education is the key to saving lives. "One of the moms came in the office and told us the story of her daughter who died this past Halloween from prescription opioids. She had a scholarship to college and was on the dean’s list. One local school had two teachers’ kids die from opioids this past year. Both from good families and, in one of the families, the mom and dad both taught at the school," Spina said. "So we have this as our personal mission to reach out to our schools and help educate kids on the harmful effects of drugs and how to make good choices in life."