CITY OF NEWBURGH – Single-family home sales from March 2017 through February: up 20 percent from the previous year.

Public and private investment over the last five years: more than $150 million.

Newburgh officials describe a city on the move as they pursue, for the second time in three years, a $10 million economic development grant from the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

Kingston and Middletown have received grants over the first two years of the program, in which 10 municipalities share $100 million.

Newburgh submitted an unsuccessful application in 2016, the program’s first year. The city’s new grant application covers an area bordered to the north and south by South and Renwick streets and the west and east by Dubois Street and the waterfront.

“I’m hopeful,” Planning and Development Director Deirdre Glenn said. “I think we’re deserving.”

Newburgh’s list of projects that could receive funding include SUNY Orange’s proposed expansion, the redevelopment of the Regal Bag building and the $4 million reconstruction of the Newburgh Landing dock into a berth for cruise ships and the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry.

“It’s a deepwater port and those aren’t everywhere,” Glenn said. “It’s not just our ferry, but it’s also for bringing in tourism and supporting our restaurants and commercial growth.”

Even diehard skeptics cannot deny the city's progress.

Sales of single-family homes totaled 139 between March 2017 and the end of February, according to the city. Over the last five years, Newburgh has sold 183 city-owned properties for a total of $3.2 million, according to Newburgh’s grant application.

Recent development projects include furniture maker Atlas Industries’ $2 million conversion of a long-vacant warehouse into a manufacturing facility and spaces for artists and craftspeople, and the opening of Newburgh Brewing Co., ECO Shrimp Garden and Graft Cider in other warehouse spaces.

Kingston-based housing developer RUPCO is overseeing a $16.5 million project in which more than a dozen abandoned buildings are being turned into 45 affordable apartments, and Poughkeepsie-based Baxter Development Group submitted a $2.7 million proposal to rehab a vacant warehouse into restaurants and live-work spaces.

“There’s a lot going on in Newburgh,” Glenn said.

Middletown won its $10 million grant in 2016. Its projects include construction at the former Woolworth Building and redoing storefront facades and parking lots. Kingston, in collaboration with residents and consultants, identified 11 potential projects in its Uptown Stockade business district for its grant, which was awarded last year.