Thanks to Record readers, a feral cat will be fixed, shelter fencing will be repaired and medical funds will be replenished, a horse with the bacterial infection cellulitis will be treated, and Highway the dog was able to have ear surgery.

These are just a few of the many urgent needs our shelters face that are being met with donations from the $3 Shelter Challenge.

Readers generously accepted my challenge in May, sending $3 (and more) to local animal organizations.

More than $7,500 was donated to 29 area shelters and rescues, bringing the Challenge’s four-year grand total to $24,510!

Staff at our shelters were moved by all the donations they received in memory of readers’ pets, as well as all the kind notes of appreciation for what they do.

They are so grateful for every penny they receive that many sent thank-you notes for even these small donations. One shelter even got a second donation after sending a thank-you note for a $3 donation.

Here are just a few of their responses to your generosity:

Woodbury Animal Shelter: We are planning on purchasing new cat huts for all the cages going into our new cat building this summer. Thank you for including us in this awesome fundraiser.

Equine Rescue Inc.: We are using it toward the medical cost for Michaela. She is having a very bad bout of cellulitis right now. Thanks so much for including us; this really comes in handy!

Dumped Stray Animal Rescue: The money was used for food and medical supplies for the baby kittens we have. Thanks so much for including us.

“We are ecstatically grateful for the overwhelming generosity of our supporters for the care we provide to the orphaned, sick, injured, lost and unwanted animals at our shelter," says Warwick Valley Humane Society President Suzyn Barron.

“We are able to purchase all the requested items, and the balance of the donations will be applied to our Critical Care Fund for medical emergencies," she says.

“It's amazing how we take on an animal that needs expensive medical treatment, hoping we will find some way to pay for it - and the public always come through for us, especially your readers!”