A local law firm, Sobo & Sobo, has filed a lawsuit naming a Fox & Friends co-host and the Fox Network after, the lawsuit says, the co-host hit a West Point band’s drummer in the arm with an ax during a 2015 taping.

Sobo & Sobo said Master Sgt. Jeff Prosperie, a member of the Hellcats, a West Point field music group, was hit with the ax, thrown by Pete Hegseth, the Fox & Friends co-host, when Hegseth threw at a target and missed.

The lawsuit says Prosperie was injured when the Hellcats were taping commercial bumps to help the network commemorate the Army’s 240th birthday and Flag Day. The lawsuit says the ax flew over the intended target and hit Prosperie in the arm.

The lawsuit was filed in state Supreme Court.

Richard J. Bayne