MONTICELLO — Several members of the Kiwanis Club of Monticello delivered chapter books to the second grade classes at the Kenneth L. Rutherford and George L. Cooke Elementary Schools in Monticello just before summer break began.

The books were selected by Kiwanian Doris Motl, who is a retired fourth-grade teacher. Accompanying Motl to the schools were Ellen Nesin, retired kindergarten teacher and former School Board member, and Sheila Lashinsky, Kiwanis public relations chairperson.

The students were told that the word "Kiwanis" is a Native American phrase meaning “we trade.” Each student was encouraged to take his or her book home and read it over the summer, and after reading it, to share – or “trade” it - with friends and family in order to expand their reading material.

These books will help the students advance with the New York State Assembly 2018 Summer Reading Challenge. Each child brings a calendar home and checks off each time he or she reads a book. Once they have marked off 40 days or more, the information is submitted to Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, who will award the child with a state Excellence in Reading Certificate.