Bastida: a girl, Ajaniame Ix Chel was born Aug. 29 to Kimberlin Bastida of Newburgh.

Claudio: a boy, Matthew Angel, was born Sept. 2, to Natasha Sabrina Rivera and Michael Claudio of Middletown.

Maina: a boy, Jaden Mwangi, was born Sept. 3 to Ashley Elizabeth and Joseph Mwangi Maina of Pine Bush.

Spanos: a girl, Sarah Elizabeth, was born Sept. 5 to Christie and George Spanos of Wallkill.

St. Louis: a boy, Nicholas Gerard, was born Sept. 5 to Jessica Dawn of Creston, Ia and Dr. Nicholas St. Louis of Albany, N.Y.

Sweetman: a girl, Taylor Jade, was born Sept. 5 to Jacquelyn Pamela and Randy Nelson Sweetman of Sussex, N.J.

Andrade: a girl, Aurora Laelia, was born Sept. 6 to Adrianna Marie and Jose Antonio Andrade of Westtown.

Johnson: a girl, Eleanor Miriam, was born Sept. 6 to Jessica Leann Cook and Aaron Michael Johnson of New Windsor.

Miranda: a boy, Nicoli Jax, was born Sept. 6 to Jewel Lizzette Velez and Nephi John Miranda of Middletown.

Rosado: a boy, Matteo Luis, was born Sept. 6 to Gianna Marie Gaglioti and Edwin David Rosado of Walden.

Ahmad: a boy, Muneeb, was born Sept. 7 to Fatima Zahrae Boulaajoul and Rizwan Ahmad of Middletown.

Arnott: a girl, Ryann Aurora, was born Sept. 7 to Heather Michelle and Patrick Ryan Arnott of Middletown.

Geron: a girl, Aiyla Ameenah, was born Sept. 7 to Rebecca Elizabeth and Andy Fitzgerald Geron of New Windsor.

Letizia: a boy, Dominic Vincent, was born Sept. 7 to Alison Joy Litwak and Thomas Frank Letizia of Middletown.

Schaetzl: a girl, Shinichi Constance-Marion, was born Sept. 7 to Xenia Vancy-May Tomlinson and James Robert Schaetzl of Middletown.

Sumner: a boy, Cassidy Augustus, was born Sept. 7 to Christina Maria and Christian Jermaine Sumner of Middletown.

Davis: a boy, Cameron Noah, was born Sept. 8 to Brittany Nicole Pason of Unionville and Shakur Warrith Davis of Woodridge.

DeLiz: a girl, Adamina Jai, was born Sept. 8 to Jessica Rose Kenny and Jason John DeLiz of Port Jervis.