Schumacher: a girl, Adalyna Grace, was born Sept. 18 to Yuliya and Brett Schumacher of Liberty.

Guara: a boy, Bennet Charles, was born Sept. 25 to Amanda Martin and James Guara of Sullivan County.

Franco: a boy, Elliot Charles, was born Sept. 26 to Christiane Miller and Joseph Franco of White Lake.

Bolden: a boy, Parker Thomas, was born Sept. 28 to Kaiya and Tyree Bolden of Rock Hill.



Craccia: a boy, Rocco Joseph, was born Sept. 19 to Adriana Otranto of Cornwall-on-Hudson and Joseph Ciaccia of New Windsor.

Fitzpatrick: a girl, Kylie Kay, was born Sept. 23 to Taylor Mae Myer and Ryan John Fitzpatrick Jr., of Pine Bush.

Bautista: a boy, Klive Zion Solis, was born Sept. 24 to Jhancel Anthea Solis Bautista and Gian Paul Carlo Maceda Bautista of Middletown.

Mehal: a boy, Lincoln Tyler, was born Sept. 24 to Jessica Lyn Mehal of Middletown and Robert Eric Mehal of South Amboy, N.J.

Monroy: a boy, Travis Eli, was born Sept. 24 to Paola Andrea and Jean Paul Monroy of Wurtsboro.

Mrad: a boy, Peter Jack, was born Sept. 24 to Vera and Bedros Mrad of Middletown.

Valentin: a girl, Veda Violet, was born Sept. 24 to Joanna Evelina Szypulski and Robert Valentin Jr., of Campbell Hall.

Bult: a girl, Paityn Marilyn, was born Sept. 25 to Erin Michelle and Timothy James Bult of Milford, Pa.

Kolze: a boy, Otto Archard, was born Sept. 25 to Taylor Archard and Karl Kolze of Pine Bush.

Guamani: a boy, Steven Gene Armando, was born Sept. 26 to Elizabeth Guamani of Middletown.

Hamilton: a girl, Journee Amorah, was born Sept. 26 to Aaliyah N. Smalls and Durell M. Hamilton of Middletown.

Rivers: a boy, Jace Bernard, was born Sept. 26 to Caitlin Ruth and Joseph Monroe Rivers of Middletown.

Frost: a boy, Bowan James, was born Sept. 27 to Michele Lynn VanKleeck and Robert Wayne Frost of Middletown.

Hernandez-Standenmayer: a girl, Adhara Katherine Xochilt, was born Sept. 27 to Brittany Nicole and Roberto Carlos Hernandez-Ciriaco of Middletown.

Rodriguez-Riveros: a girl, Valentina Dary, was born Sept. 27 to Jackeline Riveros and Moises Rodriguez of Middletown.

Constable: a boy, Preston Oliver, was born Sept. 29 to Brianna Olivia and Robert Eugene Constable of New Windsor.

Lewis: a boy, Joseph Alex, was born Sept. 29 to Stephanie Alexis and Jeffrey David Lewis of Port Jervis.

Williams Crowder: a boy, Jere’miah Tyrese, was born Sept. 29 to Shania Lashaye and Shakeem Jamar Williams of Binghamton.

Murphy: a girl, Hailey Sandra, was born Sept. 30 to Krystal Marie Gottwald and Adam Edward Murphy of Port Jervis.

Striano: a boy, Tristan Michael, was born Sept. 30 to Jamie Catherine and Anthony Joseph Striano of Middletown.