Cruz: a girl, Emma, was born May 5 to Maria Valdez and William Cruz of Ellenville.

Robinson: a boy, Kayden Anthony, was born May 6 to Sara Robinson and Jeffery Gibson of Monticello.

Wall: a boy, Zayne Joseph, was born May 7 to Crystal L., and Troy A. Wall of Kiamesha Lake.

Travis: a girl, Brooke Katherine, was born May 8 to Megan and Joseph Travis of Monticello.

Varcadaipane: a girl, Lucy Marie, was born May 8 to Kayla and Louis of Monticello.

Rielly: a girl, Sadie Mae, was born May 9 to Mary Elizabeth and Kevin Rielly of Livingston Manor.



Reynolds: a girl, Alessandra Layla-Madison, was born May 3 to Kassandra Karin Kaye Willis of Newburgh and Jason Reynolds of Newburgh.

Caceres: twins, a boy, Evin Ramon and a girl, Ella Riley, were born May 4 to Rebka Dejene and Alfredo Caceres of Goshen.

Crerend: a girl, Malorie Marge, was born May 4 to Gabriel Alexus Cline and Michael Joseph Crerend of Newburgh.

Morgan: a boy, Wave Elijah, was born May 6 to Kylie Garcia and Andrew Elijah Morgan of Washingtonville.

Wilson: a boy, Joseph Michael, was born May 6 to Sophia Panagiota Karellas-Wilson and Joseph Michael Wilson of Chester.

Deyo: a boy, Deegan Henry, was born May 7 to Rebecca Lynn and David John Deyo of Pine Bush.

Srofe: a girl, Piper Love, was born May 7 to Jaclyn Caroline and Donald Robert Srofe of Milford, Pa.

Doucette: a boy, Grayson Ray, was born May 8 to Kristin Rose and Dane Michael Doucette of Middletown.

Gathers: a boy, Thorin Marshall, was born May 8 to Mary Elizabeth Strayer of Philadelphia, Pa., and Kyle James Gathers of Lewes, Del.

Lee: a boy, Nasir Jahlil, was born May 8 to Jamera Angelique Shuford of Middletown and Stefan Parrish Lee of Maybrook.

Reichle: a girl, Ella Amelia, was born May 8 to Kassandra and Jonathan Reichle of Walden.

Patterson: a boy, Scott David, was born May 9 to Amanda Lee and Scott David Patterson of Westbrookville.

Zubikowski: a boy, Adam Otto, was born May 9 to Valerie Ann and David Adam Zubikowski of Middletown.