If the stance of a 2016 SRT Hellcat Charger wasn’t just cool enough, Ed Golden of Golden Customs in Pine Island made it even sweeter.

A customer came into Golden’s shop and told him he wanted to make the body of his Charger wider, lower to the ground and make it a one-of-a-kind. Golden was happy to oblige and a kit just wasn’t going to cut it.

There is a certain defining line to the Charger that needs to be preserved. So Golden used metal and fiberglass to form the front fender, quarter panels and skirts to make the body wider and keep the flow of the lines. A metal frame was constructed under the fiberglass to strengthen the body part.

“Kit’s look very ‘bolted on,’" Golden said. “The owner wanted something seamless.”

To stay with the seamless look, Golden shaved the door handles off the back doors and painted the fabricated parts to match the gun metal metallic grey color of the rest of the car.

In order to get that “road-hugging” look, Golden added air ride suspension. As an added surprise feature the owner replace the front and back doors with Lamborghini style ones.

This 707 horsepower mean machine deserved an appearance to match the Hellcat motor under the hood and that mean little kitty cat face on the fender, and Golden Customs had managed to perfect what the owner envisioned.

To see more of what Golden Customs has built, go to goldencustomsny.com or find it on Facebook.