MONROE - The Town of Palm Tree paid $1.3 million last week for a longtime auto business just outside its borders to convert into a transportation headquarters for the town's municipal buses. 

The purchase of Lake Region Discount Tire Pros was consummated on Sept. 11, according to a deed transfer filed Monday with the Orange County Clerk's Office. The business occupies less than an acre on Nininger Road in Monroe, just east of a 1,600-unit condominium complex being built in Palm Tree.

Palm Tree officials say the auto business can remain at the site for up to two years and pay rent to the town under the sale terms. Once the two buildings are vacated, Palm Tree plans to keep the 13 buses for its fixed routes and Dial-a-Bus service parked there. The buildings have four garage bays, storage space and offices.

Palm Tree issued bonds to cover the $1.3 million cost, the first bonding the town has done since it came into existence in January. The town is contiguous with the Village of Kiryas Joel and was created to separate Kiryas Joel from the Town of Monroe.