A committee of Orange County lawmakers passed a resolution on Wednesday in support of a proposed replacement for the Danskammer power plant in the Town of Newburgh, sending the resolution to the full Legislature for a vote on Oct. 3.

The declaration of support was introduced at the request of construction trade unions in response to a string of resolutions by municipalities in other counties that voiced environmental and health concerns about the $400 million project. Danskammer Energy expects to apply to the state Public Service Commission this fall to build a natural gas-fired plant that would replace its existing facility, which is used only when electricity demand peaks in the summer and winter.

The Rules, Enactments and Intergovernmental Relations Committee voted 5-2 on the support resolution, which argues the new plant will reduce harmful emissions and provided needed power when Indian Point nuclear plant closes.The "yes" votes were Steve Brescia, Michael Amo, Katie Bonelli, Kevin Hines and Tom Faggione.

Legislators Barry Cheney and John Vero voted against the resolution, and Jim Kulisek and Mike Paduch abstained.