GOSHEN — The Town of Goshen Planning Board granted conditional approvals Thursday night to a bed and breakfast and event venue that has operated at its Route 17M site off and on for the past year without proper permits.

The Planning Board imposed 29 separate conditions on the proprietors of Foxfire La Colina, all of which must be fulfilled before the businesses can host another guest or event.

The proposal from the operators of Foxfire La Colina, Tim and Eliza Trojian, is for a Boho-chic five-room bed and breakfast, with a 5,000-square-foot maximum venue to host weddings and other events from May-October.

La Colina ran afoul of the town when it began hosting weddings and photo shoots last year without approvals. The operators have been working on permit applications and site plans for the past several months. Neighbors have complained about the unauthorized events and the resulting noise, lost Uber drivers and threats to the serenity of the wooded area.

Conditions the town placed on the business include limitations on noise from the venue; a 100-foot-wide buffer with a conservation easement; proper driveway and parking lots; stormwater system and septic system requirements; proof of compliance with all state building and fire codes; and outdoor lighting that conforms with night-friendly, dark-sky design. The operators must gate off the kitchen and pool during events. No food for events may be prepared on-site. The house’s second floor is reserved for the owner, who must live on premises.

"What the planning board put on paper is not realistic and is based on a flawed sound study. The measures are a fig leaf,” said Beth Pskowski. She and her husband own an adjacent property where they spend time with their children and plan to build a retirement home. “The idea of the developer is to rent out the high-end property on an exclusive basis for the weekends. To expect them to 'lock down' and exclude parts of the property, such as the pool, the kitchen and the upstairs is absurd and unenforceable. The developer has shown zero interest in complying with applicable law or even telling the truth from week to week, and the town has helped them.”

Foxfire La Colina may not schedule events at the site until all permits are signed and certificates of occupancy issued, Planning Board attorney Kelly Naughton said. The permits will be subject to review twice per year.