This story could not start without first thanking the members of the Saturday Night Cruisers Car Club for the work they have done over the past 12 years organizing the My Ride Reunion Show that has taken place over the last few years at the Farmers’ Museum in Montgomery. Thanks also to John Abrams of John Abrams & Associates Insurance in Newburgh, for sponsoring all the trophies over the years.

The My Ride Reunion Show, held Aug. 25,  may be a car show but it is so much more. Folks get a chance to see the Ride of the Month and the Ride of the Year winners up close in the Winners Circle and talk with the owners. It’s a show where the main mission is for all participants to enjoy the day. I love walking around admiring all the great rides that show up including the tractors. What a great addition!

This year’s show had an extra surprise. It took place on the same weekend as the New York Air Show, held at Stewart Airport. From time to time jet planes flew over the car show making for a little excitement amongst the visitors and participants.

It was really great talking with everyone at the show. And even though Mike Muntz, president of the Saturday Night Cruisers Car Club, is going through his own battle, he didn’t want to miss the show. Thanks Mike!

Proceeds from the show were donated to local charities.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to spend the day with me.