Hometown: Montgomery

Color: Ash Gold

Under the hood: 396, 375 hp

Mileage: 70,000 original miles

Value: $30,000

Origin: Bought brand new from Driscoll Chevrolet in Spring Valley

Special features: Turbo Jet, all original

Favorite place to cruise: When it’s not raining, Sunday mornings to breakfast. The car is stored for the winter.

Favorite cruise music: Oldies

Any embarrassing experiences? Got a flat tire going to a cruise night in Pine Bush

On which make and model did you learn to drive? 1949 Crosley

Other: The car was built in a factory in Framingham, Mass. At the time the car was ordered the factory went on strike. This resulted in my car not receiving the extras I had ordered – the AM/FM radio, tachometer and rally wheels. Chevy ended up reimbursing me for those undelivered extras.

Now, the engine is another story. It is really a 4217 (435 hp). The factory slapped on a 396 sticker just to get it off the assembly line since they were short of workers because of the strike. They basically put in whatever they could get their hands on.

Editor's note: One important fact to bring to light is that Chick was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War, and suffers from the effects today. While he was away serving, his parents continued to make the payments on his car so he was able to keep it. Thank you for your service Chick!