CHESTER – It’s back to the drawing board for the Chester Union Free School District, after voters on Tuesday turned down a $7.9 million plan to replace the 1930s-era former high school with a grandstand and artificial-turf athletic field.   There were 208 votes for the project, and 626 votes against it, according to District Clerk Debra Lys.   The $7.9 million proposal included demolishing the building – also known as the Maple Avenue School, building a multipurpose athletic field, and erecting a 43-foot-tall grandstand including restrooms, a concessions stand and athletics storage space.   The school sits on an 11-acre parcel owned by the district and roughly bounded by Maple Avenue, Vadala Road, Main Street/Route 94 and Walnut Street. About 260 parking spaces would be cobbled from a mix of adjoining parking lots and on-street parking.   If the maximum bond amount of $7.9 million was spent, the owner of an average home with a market value of $350,000 would have paid approximately $189 per year for approximately 20 years.   Demolition of the Art Deco-inspired building was approved by the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, provided the district reproduced the design and architectural features of the original school, reused noteworthy elements from the building such as a unique lamp and clock tower, and incorporated historical displays in the new facility.   The district presented the proposal at several meetings prior to the vote. During some of the meetings, residents opposed the project and urged the district to take the time to review more options. Concerns included the size of the project in a residential area, parking, noise, traffic and light pollution. District officials contended that the proposal was the best use for the space, and that restoring the building would cost $4 million alone.