Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, former two-term governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts, are running for president and vice president on the Libertarian ticket. The two, who are polling around 10 percent nationally and over 20 percent in some Western states, are being excluded from this fall's presidential debates on the grounds that they have not reached the requirement that they average over 15 percent in five national polls.

The requirement is set by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which ironically happens to be run exclusively by Republicans and Democrats. One of the required polls was conducted by CNN, who didn't include anyone under the age of 35 in their poll. By doing this CNN leaves millennials unrepresented in the poll, a group that accounts for 31 percent of all voters and coincidentally for nearly a third of Johnson/Weld supporters. Help protect our electoral system by demanding that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld be allowed into the debates.

Wiley Matthews