As Town Supervisor I have learned that antagonists feel they are able to make statements that sound factual but they do not have the responsibility to prove these statements to the public. This is exactly what has occurred for the proposed Municipal Center in Woodbury. As your elected officials, we have proven the facts to our residents multiple times in meetings and factual flyers. Past attempts for a new municipal center, like the $2 million plan in 1999, have failed due to the same political intervention that is occurring today.

Your community continues to grow and a building must be built to accommodate the needs of the residents. The bond proposition that Woodbury will be voting for on Sept. 20 will permit the Town Board to borrow no more than $8.5 million over a 20-year period. The actual cost to taxpayers will be approximately 6 cents per thousand assessed value, which is equal to $6 per year if your home is assessed for $100,000, for each of the 20 years.

This factual information has been provided by your assessor and the board’s financial advisors. Your Town and Village Boards consist of qualified people with ranging areas of expertise – business, real estate, insurance, trades, emergency services, homeland security and more. With the input from paid experts, engineers and attorneys, all members of both boards believe this is the right plan for your community. I urge you vote yes.

David Sutz, Town of Woodbury Supervisor

Central Valley