I have served in the field of education for over 40 years having been a special education teacher, a director of special education, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, superintendent of schools and an adjunct professor of education. Recent school shootings have resulted in a call for armed guards, arming teachers and other poor choices.

A number of years ago our state funded school resource officers for schools. These were armed police who over time developed a positive relationship with the students. Then the funding was cut and schools could pay the approximate $90,000 per year per officer. Only a few could afford this especially under the 2 percent cap.

I propose that our legislators get up their nerve and reinstate the SRO program and stop worrying about naming bridges. Other funding is needed for social workers who could help facilitate kids being aware of each other and take notice and do something when they see something. This is critical and a much more powerful prevention than a civilian security guard with a gun. Call and write your legislator in New York state and demand action.

John C. Morgano