How can Sullivan County government maintain an adequate workforce whose wages decrease over time? The answer is, of course, it can’t. Merely keeping pace with inflation required wages to rise by more than 9 percent since 2011. Yet the Times Herald-Record reported that for rank and file workers it was just 4 percent that period.

Our county manager is correct about the tough position we face balancing that wage gap with revenue uncertainty from Resorts World Catskills casino – with underwhelming results from Rivers and Del Lago, who could fault his concern? But it's also correct to remember that county leaders, along with those from the Town of Thompson and Monticello School District, signed off on generous public tax abatements for Resorts World – courtesy our industrial development agency, in full view of ample evidence advising caution.

And let’s also remember that some on our county legislature stumped for reelection by promoting their intention to renegotiate that IDA agreement – with recent rejection of the school district's capital plan, for the kids' sake, let's hope they follow through. In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether Resorts World will attain a level of success justifying those tax breaks. Either way, wagering our county government's workforce on how dice roll is just plain wrong.

Dave Colavito

Rock Hill