The field of seven Democratic candidates vying to go up against John Faso for the 19th Congressional District seat is extremely crowded, all worthy and dedicated people. But the candidate who will be able to defeat the incumbent (isn't that after all what Dems want), will have to appeal not only to Democratic hearts and minds, but also to Independents and even some weary-of-Trump Republicans.

Only one candidate will be able to win in November, and that is Pat Ryan. Candidate Ryan was born and raised in Kingston. A West Point honors grad who served our country in Iraq in Army intelligence, afterwards starting his own software company that helps protect our soldiers. Now residents of Gardiner, Ryan and his wife, Rebecca, have undertaken a campaign of his convictions: a fair and equitable health care system; protections for our kids in our schools via sensible, common sense gun laws; protections for our fragile, threatened environment; more and better paying jobs and equal treatment for all no matter our gender, race, age or sexual identity, are just a few of the things he will be fighting for.

Pat Ryan is everything a Democrat could want in a candidate. He cares honestly for us, his community and potential constituents. He doesn't wear that on his sleeve, but it's an important trait that seems lacking across the political spectrum.

William Wheeler Murray

New Paltz