Both sides of the political coin have done a disservice to the Kavanaugh accusers. As a conservative Libertarian, I would be eager to see someone with Brett Kavanaugh's views seated on the Supreme Court, however, I don't personally believe he belongs there. The allegations are numerous and substantial enough to change my opinion of him. It is, however, important to note that, lacking any factual evidence, they are simply allegations.

While the court of public opinion has promptly convicted him, without any form of due process or assumption of innocence, he should be entitled to at least a vote on his nomination. It should then be the voters who decide whether their senators have voted in their interest. As to the senators, of both sides, they have done a real disservice to the victims of sexual assault. On one side you have Republicans who have declared their accusations a smear, questioned their ability to remember traumatizing events and some have even gone as far as to question their character. On the other hand you have Democrats who, appearing to have no genuine interest in the welfare of the victims, paraded them around like showpieces and waited to make known these allegations for the most political points they could gain. Their insincerity is so thick it could be cut with a knife.

I hope this is apparent to voters and both sides suffer the consequences. Consequences not nearly as hurtful as what Christine Ford is enduring.

Brian R. Pister