We moved to Warwick to raise our children in an intimate community, raise horses and enjoy Warwick's serenity. We love the agriculture, shops, history and sense of community. We also respect and welcome the seasonal tourists and their interest in our agriculture. We are happy our local farms' agritourism businesses are doing well.

Agritourism is the practice of touring agricultural areas to see farms and often participate in farm activities. This was the original vision for many of our farms and wineries. Our concern is the volume of noise. We don't want to hear concerts and weddings in our backyards. Sound reverberates everywhere. We are faced with the prospect of staying indoors because of the noise. There is a new local law to amend the Town of Warwick agritourism zoning. It will affect the peace of residents forever. This amendment includes amplified sound from 12-9 p.m., number of festivals, attendees, etc. This is happening rapidly throughout Warwick.

If you are already affected by loud noise or want to protect our town, now is the time to voice your opposition to these revisions. We need these laws to protect the Warwick we love, not to promote loud bands and carnivals. While we want growth in agritourism, let's not forget the reason we live in Warwick. Please attend the public hearing and voice your concerns on Oct. 11, at 7 p.m. at Warwick Town Hall.

Lori Scaffidi