The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreation River National Park is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Established in 1978, the park has served as the backbone of the region's economic and environmental development. It supports more than 100 jobs and contributes $12.8 million to the local economies.

By helping protect the Delaware River watershed, the park conserves the ecological integrity of the Delaware River. The park also serves as a staple for the community, with many generations of residents and visitors enjoying its natural beauty. However, in recent years the park has been marked by crumbling roads and decaying infrastructure. According to the National Park Service, there is more than $1 million in deferred maintenance. This is disconcerting - without repairing the infrastructure that keeps our national parks running, we risk losing these vital benefits they bring to our state.

To honor the park's anniversary, we call on Congress to enact the Restore Our Parks Act and address the deferred maintenance in the Upper Delaware and the $11.6 billion backlog nationwide.


Jeff Skelding,

Executive Director