The recent editorial concerning the Rev. Donald G. Timone was excellent in regard to its factual presentation and as to what is lacking in the process of effectively addressing this issue. It is interesting to note that the local response to this issue was for the pastor of St. Joseph's and a city judge (parishioner) to speak at masses. Where was the local bishop or cardinal's local designee in this matter and why didn't either of them or the cardinal speak to parishioners?

This is a very serious matter that deserves the highest priority and importance. Unfortunately, this is a systemic problem of the institutional church that requires a major transformation and change of leadership from the top on down. At the recent bishop's meeting, Bishop Di Nardo attempted to address this issue but was told by Rome to wait as more time is needed. Needed for what?

In her biography of Pope John Paul the second, Peggy Noonan has one chapter about one failure of his papacy and that is the sex abuse scandal which he failed to address. As a practicing Catholic, I am appalled by this continuous scandal and victimization of innocent individuals and pray that church leaders will heed the concern of their faithful and address and resolve this issue.

Ralph John Savarese