Is the D&H Canal restoration project worth the time and money being spent on it? I have a different solution. I remember as a kid when we first moved to Cuddebackville the canal was full of water and often we would go to the lake at Whispering Pines to take a swim. There was a place to get food, take a paddle boat ride and go fishing. Fun memories. Now it is dry as a bone and filthy with garbage, sediment and downed trees. Millions are proposed to repair it to its former "glory" as just a reminder of the engineering achievement of the day and possible tourist attraction.

Frankly I think that it is a waste of money. Although historically important to some in this community I think that a more practical approach would be to run a covered pipeline from the Neversink river with break points at the various ponds and lakes. This would then provide a source of water to the now dried out lake, clean up an eyesore and allow for widening of the very narrow Lakeview Drive. And it would also insure that there would be no leak downs or breaches that would have an effect on the businesses that are adjacent along the canal path.

Robert Heck