I read in the Times Herald-Record how the casinos in Sullivan County have lost money again in this first quarter. That is because the big shots in Albany got paid to make a deal to put that casino in the wrong place. It will never make money, people are not going to travel over that mountain to throw their money away on slot machines.

That casino should've gone to Orange County, close to Stewart International Airport. It would have been an economic boon for the entire county including the surrounding towns and cities. Furthermore Monticello gambling casino would not have gone belly up, it would have thrived from the overflow. It amazes me how blatantly obvious it is that deals have been made with no consideration to the economics of the surrounding towns and cities.

And all the lobbying that took place before that decision was made was nothing more than a show, a shell game. The decision to put that casino in Sullivan County was made long before any of those talks occurred. Perhaps someday in my lifetime we will have real politicians who truly care about the people and make decisions based on the good of the community not the good of someone's pockets!

Mark Gamma